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Since 2007, we have trained, placed and kept talented youth in the exciting world of film, television, journalism, photography and new media.

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POV 3rd Street was established in 2007 by members of the film, TV and commercial production industries who were interested in increasing access to employment in their field and broadening its diversity. As a non-profit organization we are dedicated to ensuring that at-risk youth (aged 18 to 29) gain the necessary skills and experience to secure jobs and build long-term careers in the media industry. We run several different programs for our students and alumni, including the Media Training Program, the 3rd Street (Critical Thinking) Program, and the Next Steps Program.

We have a student graduation rate of 87%, with over 71% of our graduates still actively engaged with us. 62% of our alumni are working in the film and media industry as a direct result of their participation in POV 3rd Street, and another 13% are working in related fields. We have had exceptional support from our connections in the industry, which include but are not limited to Corus Entertainment, Ontario Media and Development Corp, Cassels Brock, the RBC Foundation’s Film and Media Division, Buck Productions, William F. White, Radke Film Group, Stealing Time Editing, and Jigsaw Casting.

This is an exceptional opportunity and the program is quite literally changing people's lives.

- Jeff Kopas, Co-Founder

POV 3rd Street is about working to break the cycle of poverty through media and the arts.

- Edie Weiss, Co-Founder


3rd Street Foundation is an intensive bi-weekly development program aimed at small groups of young adults, using the science of cognitive development to instill critical thinking skills. The program is run by Harvard-trained instructors and focuses on the skills that the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and others have deemed critical to success, including communication literacy, social awareness, and autonomous control.

The 3rd Street program is based on the latest understanding of the neuroscience of motivation and its effect on social intelligence. We teach adaptive reasoning and advanced problem-solving techniques. Simply put, we give our students the tools they need to stay focused and manage their emotions.

Our Partnership

In 2012 POV ran twelve modules in partnership with 3rd Street. This collaboration proved extremely successful and led to our combined training program that not only equips our students with valuable technical skills, but also imparts critical thinking and soft skills that they might not otherwise learn.

Together we are able to prepare our students for, and subsequently place them in, their desired media jobs, as well as mentor them throughout their emerging careers. The partnership between POV and 3rd Street has created an organization like no other: POV 3rd Street is literally changing people’s lives.

POV and 3RD Street combined are a truly unique program, unlike anything else available.

- Jamie Purdon, Co-Founder

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Biju Pappachan


Biju Pappachan


By fostering and facilitating an environment of creativity and learning, Biju Pappachan has spent the last decade leveraging resources and expertise to form sustainable collaborations that provided economic and social benefits for underrepresented groups across Canada. Committed to systemic change, Biju is focused on innovating sustainable solutions and impact by convening business, government, and community to tackle complex social issues across the GTA. Through this work, Biju hopes to contribute to the growth of the collaborative culture within the public space, offering insights, ideas and evidence-based practices that can help to shape future policies and programming.


Gabrielle Zilkha


Gabrielle Zilkha


Born to a family of funny people in Montreal, Gabrielle’s career has always married humour, creativity and a healthy dose of social responsibility.  An award-winning filmmaker, Gabrielle’s films and transmedia projects have been screened and exhibited around the world. Her work has been covered by media outlets like CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, TO Grid, Elle Magazine and the Canadian Jewish News as well as popular digital publications like Indiewire. Most recently, her short film Stop Calling me Honey Bunny was shortlisted for the Iris Prize.

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